Kelowna Outdoor Activities

Any time, any day, any season, Kelowna, and the Okanagan Valley, offers a world of things to do.

There’s tors/thingstodo/hiking.php” target=”_blank”>hiking and tors/thingstodo/biking.php” target=”_blank”>biking through glorious pine-scented mountain forests. You can also enjoy leisurely strolls and refreshing dips in our tors/thingstodo/parksbeaches.php” target=”_blank”>parks and beaches. With all the luscious fruit in our thriving tors/thingstodo/orchards.php” target=”_blank”>orchards, as well as the award-winning wines, you’ll also want to treat yourself to the perfect picnic. Be sure to take in some great tors/thingstodo/boating.php” target=”_blank”>boating and tors/thingstodo/wateractivities.php” target=”_blank”>water activities from swimming to windsurfing to fishing. Thanks to the mild climate and day and days of sun, tors/thingstodo/golf.php” target=”_blank”>golf enthusiasts can indulge themselves with a long season on scenic fairways. Get your adrenaline up with scuba diving, rock climbing and other thrilling tors/thingstodo/adventure.php” target=”_blank”>adventure activities.

Warm months aren’t the only time to visit Kelowna, BC. The tors/thingstodo/winteractivities.php” target=”_blank”>winter activities are every bit as exciting, and boundless. With its snow-capped mountains and awesome views, Kelowna, and the Okanagan Valley, is an exhilarating place for tors/thingstodo/skiingboarding.php” target=”_blank”>skiing and snowboarding. For those who love to explore lush, aromatic forests, just put on snowshoes or cross-country skis and prepare for miles of awe-inspiring trails. You’ll see wildlife, birds and amazing views all along the way.

All year-round, tors/thingstodo/festivalevents.php” target=”_blank”>festivals and events abound. To the delight of your tors/thingstodo/family.php” target=”_blank”>family and kids, our many parks play host to musicians and entertainers. There’s indoor and outdoor theatre, symphonies, concerts and venues that provide a wide selection of the tors/thingstodo/performingarts.php” target=”_blank”>performing arts. Exploretors/thingstodo/galleries.php” target=”_blank”> galleries and tors/thingstodo/museums.php” target=”_blank”>museums and enjoy the downtown cultural district. There are also harvest celebrations, as well as much-loved and very tasteful wine festivals. Kelowna’s at the heart of B.C.’s Okanagan wine region. It boasts a number of tors/thingstodo/wineries.php” target=”_blank”>wineries that offer tours, educational seminars and, of course, samplings of internationally-acclaimed wines.

So buy a big calendar and fill it up!