Kelowna Orchards & Markets

Kelowna’s love-affair with things of the earth is as old as the city itself. The community’s roots in orcharding and agriculture account for a way of life which nurtures, cherishes, and respects earth’s offspring. Add to this collective history the region’s microclimate and predisposition for a long growing season, and the city flourishes.

All summer long, visitors can learn about the produce and flora of this fertile region at a variety of orchards. Rediscover the taste of freshness from our friendly farm community. Jump on a tractor for an orchard tour Kelowna, BC, is down to earth but luxuriant all the same.

Gatzke’s Farm Market
Highway 97 North
Oyama, BC
V4V 2J2
Tel: (250) 548-3444
Fax: (250) 548-0006

Kelowna Land & Orchard Co.
3002 Dunster Road
Kelowna, BC
Tel: (250) 763-1091
Fax: (250) 763-1080